Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sepang MotoGP 2016 - Race Day

The roads to the Sepang track are super crowded on race day and getting there can be a pain specially if you have to come down from Kuala Lumpur which is 45 kms away. So the best thing to do is get up and get going as early as you can. The idea is to get some good seats. We had some real good seats in the Castrol Executive Lounge overlooking the back straight but the fun is sitting with the real crowds out in the stands watching the race.

I had a few spots scouted out from the day before and one of then was a tight corner spot and lo behold it was the only one that wasn't crowded when I got there at 9AM. It would turn out to be a pretty sweet spot when the rain came down as it was one of the only spots that didn't get soaking wet so I didn't need to hide my camera in the waterproof bag.

The locals really love their motorsport and come out in hordes to support their local boys in Moto 3 and the Petronas Team in Moto2. Watching the race from the stands with them is the only way to do it. After the excitement of the Moto3 and 2 was over the rain decided to make an appearance and came down hard. They pushed the MotoGP race by a bit and had a few test laps before deciding to start the epic race that ensued.

After Dovi crossed the finish line I saw a Yamaha fan turn and shake the hand of a Ducati DOC member and say "Next time we wont let you win" laugh and walk away.

What a crazy race and I was so lucky to be there to see it track side thanks to Castrol.

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