Thursday, November 26, 2015

ZMR Wanderers 10th Ride

For the 10th ride we decided we had done enough riding up north and we needed to head south and see what trails we could find there. So we headed out of Bangalore and took off towards Ooty and Mudumalai National Forest. Read about the whole ride in Autocar India.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Trip to Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club new headquarters includes a cafĂ©, restaurant, shop, gallery, bike showroom and event space, with barbershop, pop-up retail, brands and some other cool stuff, all centered around motorcycles and motorcycle culture so we had to check it out. We did a quick visit a few days ago and shall go back to have a few beers at leisure soon. 

Sideburn issue #23

Remember in September Helmet Stories and Sideburn did a brilliant ride to Pangi? Well if you forgot read about it in Issue 23 of Sideburn out now.

You can order your copy in India from Garage 52 now.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Gear Prelaunch Preview: The Darcha by Royal Enfield and Rev'it

For a while there has been a rumour going around that Rev'it and Royal Enfield were brewing up something. Finally just before our Pangi valley ride the phone rang and the voice on the other end says "Hi Vir calling from Royal Enfield we have the new Rev'it kit we are developing and we have one with your name on it." Killer!

Born in the Himalayas in collaboration with Rev'it, the Royal Enfield Darcha, 4-season touring jacket allows you to push your limits in the toughest of terrain and the most varied weather. Whether you are a true explorer, a serious tourer, an off-roader or looking for just a weekend trip, this versatile jacket is designed for any kind of adventure says Royal Enfield. There was only one way to find out we geared up and headed out to Pangi and then later to Coorg.

Built out of Polyester 600D and with a PWR|wax 500D coating on outer shell the kit from the outset looks ready for the job. The fit is snug and even with the two liners in (insulated and breathable Hydratex® | G-liner) the jacket does not feel bulky and is very comfortable. The armour on the shoulder and arms are Knox flexiform and the back is EVA foam which can be upgraded to Sastec.

On the outside the Jacket has two large pockets which seem to be waterproof (luckily it didnt snow or rain on our Pangi ride this time) and one that zips up to keep the more valuable things in. There are two v shaped lapel pockets which I found very funny because the shape makes it tough to put stuff in. A large rear pocket in the rear is a super help. The ventilation is well placed on the back, chest and arms. At first it seemed the jacket would be hot as the ventilation didn't look adequate. But after spending over 20 days in the jacket I found that they are very well designed. Even in the gridlock in Bangalore once you are moving you can feel the ventilation working and doing their job.

The Pants use the same Knox armour used in the Jacket at the knee (there is no hip padding or armour). The pants are a bit more slim fitted than some other riding pants I have worn but are very comfortable.  

There is a matching set of gloves that I have not got my hands on yet but if the rest of the gear is any indication they will be great as well.

The Darcha will be an invaluable addition to any Royal Enfield owner who spends many days a year riding to new and uncharted locations. Launched yesterday in Mumbai after the Rocker Mob ride so what you waiting for go check it out.

And hey I think it would look great astride the other rumour we are all waiting for the Himalayan...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A great day of riding with Royal Enfield part of the Rocker Mob

Today we spent the whole day riding around Mumbai as a Part of the Rocker Mob. The ride finished at the Royal Enfield new store on Linking Road. Here builders like Aditya Green, Gabriel and Akshay Vardenchi  came and spoke about some of their custom bikes they have built on the Royal Enfield Platforms.

At the end of the evening Harsh Man Rai launched the new Autumn winter collection of Apparel as well as the new Rev'it and Royal Enfield kit (more on this later as we got to test it on our ride to Pangi). All on all a great way to spend a sunday riding with friends and talking bikes.