Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bajaj V - forged from the INS Vikrant

Someone in Bajaj had a brilliant idea to forge a motorcycle out of the metal from the decommissioned INS Vikrant - India's first Aircraft Carrier. Presenting the Bajaj V out in Feb.

Bajaj we salute you for such a killer idea. Jai Hind

Friday, January 22, 2016

Images: Summer Testing of the Royal Enfield Himalayan in the Himalayas.

Last summer the Royal Enfield team spent testing the new Himalayan in the places it will spend most of its time. The upper reaches of the Himalayan ranges. Here are some images we came across and got permission to use.

What an amazing ride this must have been.

We cant wait to get our hands on this new Royal Enfield and take it down trails and paths that have never been heard of.

Images Samrat Som

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Royal Enfield #Himalayan Evolution

Finally the Royal Enfield #Himalayan is here in the flesh

Read the blog by Sid Lal in the TOI on the birth of the Royal Enfield Himalayan

In the post Sid Lal talks about the idea that brought about this motorcycle and how it came to being. An exsurp from the blog "In line with Royal Enfield's traditional long stroke engine characteristics, the all new engine delivers high torque and usable power at lower RPMs. This makes for smooth riding in higher gears at lower speeds, making it easy to climb hills, or to maneuver through traffic. Fewer moving parts with modern materials and aggregates means that the engine is low maintenance and very efficient, and can go 10,000 kilometers between oil change.

In addition to great off-road abilities, we have designed the Himalayan to have impeccable on-road manners as well. As I was banking on the wet corners on the Chennai race track in early 2015, the Himalayan stuck to the ground and responded exactly as I expected it to, giving me the confidence to push the motorcycle even harder while the rain was coming down relentlessly.

Stripped of all non essential parts to keep it light and agile, the Himalayan is handsome in a naked and spartan way, as it exudes its purpose of adventure and exploration via every part and as a whole."

All images taken from the Times Of India. 

The Royal Enfield Himalayan

After much speculation and secrecy Royal Enfied has just out out a blog and made the Himalayan's page live. Check out this video of C S Santosh putting it through its paces. More to come