Monday, November 28, 2016

Triumph Ride Stories with Gul Panag

Lady Panag and her brother Sherbir celebrate Triumphs three years in India with a fun ride around Mumbai city early one morning. I hope there is a longer instalment of this video it looks like a great morning around Mumbai.

Happy Birthday Triumph here is to more crazy adventures.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

No Honour Among Thieves...

If you are going to live on the internet its bound to happen people are going to steal your shit and call it their own. We at Helmet Stories get messages and links all the time from friends and family all over the world pointing out people using our pictures without permission, credit or a cheque. We try and pursue it specially if it is someone using it for their profit or promoting something that will profit their company. But mostly we laugh it off when we come across a website that is promising to take people on a "ride" using our content to places they have obviously never been or heard of.

No never!!! We hate watermarks it ruins an image.

But what happens when a well travelled "large" Internationally based motorcycle tourning company decides to use one of our images (in like a tiny idiotic form that makes it look like shit) to promote their rides in India. Do you go to war do you call your lawyer or do you fall to their level and become and ass.

I choose falling to lower than their level and being an total ass so hence this rant. So here is the post that someone in Vintage Rides decided was a good idea to put up. (notice the stamp sized image) and below that their sad excuse of an excuse.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Catching up with Motoholic Works

If you don't live under a rock and are on some social media this one account (Motoholic Works) has been popping up now and again with some brilliant Moto inspired illustrations and art. The first few times I saw there stuff I honestly attributed it to the many talented artists from other parts of the world. Until I started seeing stuff with Indian inspiration and that peaked my curiosity. So I send out a few messages and emails to figure out who is behind all this excellent work and this is what we got.

Motoholic Works is the brain child of Nidhi Agarwal and Kallol Mohanty. Both of them are motorcycle designers, and have worked with various International (BMW and Kawasaki to name a few) and Indian motorcycle brands and are currently working with Yamaha Motors, Japan. They work with various mediums ranging from water colour or black ink to digital art, from illustrations to concept art. 

The idea behind Motoholic Works was to create a place where they could bring art, design and motorcycles together. "Its about exploring motorcycle culture around the world and bring more awareness among the bikers through art. For this we are continuously coming up with various series. Our first series was 'The Ultimate Bucket List for Bikers', in which we explored various Moto-sports and rallies around the world." says Nidhi. Here is another one titled 'Life Behind Bars'.

"We are constantly trying to come up with original and creative content which also has some informative value. This is just the beginning and you can expect a lot more from our side in future." says Nidhi.

We at Helmet Stories love your stuff and cant wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeves.

Nidhi Agarwal and Kallol Mohanty of Motoholic Works

Their ongoing series is a fun way to encourage more people to wear helmet while riding. Very awesome stuff.
The idea behind the Kawasaki project was to develop new face for ZX10R, for future,  keeping in mind the Kawasaki racing DNA. Done in collaboration with with Kawasaki, Japan

BMW has been always looking into future scenarios to develop new advanced motorcycles, thus this project is a vision of future of touring in next 100 years. Done in collaboration with BMW Motorrad

You can get in touch with Motoholic Works on their Website, Instagram and Facebook

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sepang MotoGP 2016 - Race Day

The roads to the Sepang track are super crowded on race day and getting there can be a pain specially if you have to come down from Kuala Lumpur which is 45 kms away. So the best thing to do is get up and get going as early as you can. The idea is to get some good seats. We had some real good seats in the Castrol Executive Lounge overlooking the back straight but the fun is sitting with the real crowds out in the stands watching the race.

I had a few spots scouted out from the day before and one of then was a tight corner spot and lo behold it was the only one that wasn't crowded when I got there at 9AM. It would turn out to be a pretty sweet spot when the rain came down as it was one of the only spots that didn't get soaking wet so I didn't need to hide my camera in the waterproof bag.

The locals really love their motorsport and come out in hordes to support their local boys in Moto 3 and the Petronas Team in Moto2. Watching the race from the stands with them is the only way to do it. After the excitement of the Moto3 and 2 was over the rain decided to make an appearance and came down hard. They pushed the MotoGP race by a bit and had a few test laps before deciding to start the epic race that ensued.

After Dovi crossed the finish line I saw a Yamaha fan turn and shake the hand of a Ducati DOC member and say "Next time we wont let you win" laugh and walk away.

What a crazy race and I was so lucky to be there to see it track side thanks to Castrol.