Monday, January 30, 2017

Fantastic Madhya Pradesh

Before riding to Mumbai I spent the whole day around the city of Gwalior with Shekhoo playing guide. The whole day he took me to spots that beat the last. What an insane day of riding. Sadly I had to make my way towards Mumbai so I couldn't spend another day exploring so I make my way to Jhalwar City for the night. The next morning I got up and after a hearty breakfast I hit the highway and made my long trek to Mumbai.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Onwards to Gwalior

I left Delhi and made my way towards Agra via the famed Yamuna Express Highway. There is nothing much to say about this stretch other than the road is brilliant and more or less empty and you can travel at a good nick other than that it's terribly straight and boring all the way to Agra. I mapped a good way through the city so it was pretty easy crossing the city

49 odd kms out of Gwalior Shekhoo was waiting for me. He instantly got off the highway and took us down some back roads and paths showing me some fabulous spots from old heritage building to a never ending ravine (he says it's one of the longest in the world) and then to a temple complex where they have excavated and restored over 100 small temples and are still finding more in the hills.

A few hours in Madhya Pradesh and I am floored. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A day about Delhi

It's funny Delhi to me has always been a place where I came to party and have a good time. In all the years I have been here I have never really come and explored the city. So yesterday riding around the city with Parakram was great. He really knows the city well and showed me awesome little nooks and crannies and finished it off with a great Momo lunch.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Exploring the hidden Delhi

Our man Parakram is showing us some of the hidden spots in this mad city that is the capital of India. The Enduro and the Enfield may be strange bed fellows but seen to have some weird sort of synergy while blasting through these forest trails.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Transporter needed

The voice at the end of the phone says "Vir do you know anyone who would like to ride the Enduro down from Delhi to Pune. Someone who has spent some time on the bike and someone who will be comfortable riding it. I can't think of anyone do you have any idea" Me "errrrrm" The voice "Just messing with you man what you doing over the weekend" Me "nothing much just hanging around waiting for some projects to start" the voice "so do you want to ride?" Me "I am on my way to the airport tank the bike up".
That's exactly the way it happened. 

Here I am standing beside the motorcycle(well not that very motorcycle but the model) that took me half across Europe and I last saw and rode into the Ducati showroom in Moscow. Once more we shall embark on a journey across a country this time the only difference being it shall not be some faraway land but across our own. Hey I ain't complaining I am just itching to ride. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Visiting Union Garage and Moto Borgotaro in Brooklyn

The last time I was in Brooklyn (over six years ago) Union Garage did not exist. I remember them tagging my Instagram (wow I have been on Instagram that long !!!!) and saying sorry to have missed you would have been awesome to catch up over a coffee. Well since I was in Brooklyn for a few days and just around the corner I planned to do just that. 

So the day before the snow storm hit I made a trip to Union Garage and just hung out had a few coffees chatted with the crew there and just had a pretty fun morning. As I was about to leave Chris says wanna come and check out the garage Moto Borgotaro next door. What a good idea that was because the garage was a treasure trove of some amazing motorcycles and here I was with no time to appreciate them all. 

If you are ever in the neighbourhood go and say hey and take a looksie its well worth it but beware you will end up swiping your card.

P.S - They have an RD 350 parked in the garage if you looking to buy one. I am sure it will be cheaper to buy and ship than it is to find one in India these days. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Visiting Royal Enfield North America

When the family made plans to drive the 60 miles from Madison to Milwaukee for the day I knew what had to do. I had to take a motorcycle day from the family in the middle of our marathon family holiday and go and visit the newest motorcycle company to call Milwaukee home. Royal Enfield North America. I mean right! I had to check out what sadda Royal Enfield was up to in the US of A that too in the home town Americas favourite Harley Davidson. 

So I gave Breeann (Marketing Manger RE NA) a heads up that she would have to deal with me all afternoon and that I was on my way. The very first thing I saw was a large Royal Enfield logo looming at me and I knew I was in the right place. The store/office/headquarters for Royal Enfield NA is quite sweet. The front is dedicated to the brand displaying all the bikes that they have on sale in the US as well as bits and bobs of gear and merchandise. I walked in and a sales girl walked up and asked if I rode much? I said "a bit". She then asked "have you ever seen/ridden a Royal Enfield?". I couldn't help being a smart ass. I looked around the store and said "Do dog have fleas? I have a few in my garage that you dont have in your store." Sadly that was short lived because she laughed and said "Breeann is expecting you". 

The other part of the building is storage and offices. One half is full of Enfields waiting to be ridden (yes there was a Himalayan) and the other is the boring side where the desks and I am guessing the suits reside. 

The afternoon went in a blur there was talk about Motorcycles, some BBQ pork, some strong beer, Moscow Mules, a shot of Bulleit Whiskey (hey it the holiday season no one was working) a few selfies, more motorcycle talk and many plans to ride when it got warmer (it was -2 C).

Not a bad afternoon!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Triumph Bobber

So on my way to the US for the family holiday I took a little detour to Madrid to spend a day riding this little beaut The new Triumph Bobber. But since I am rushing to celebrate the end of my 2016 here in the US (its 9:00 am in India and most of you are probably still hungover) I am going to let you just sit and stare at this incredible new stunning motorcycle by Triumph.