Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sepang MotoGP 2016 - Qualifying Saturday

The folks at Castrol India gave us a call and asked "How would you like to come to Sepang for the GP with us?" Sepang is a real fun race and a track to watch the GP at and only a dimwit would have thought about it for more than a second before saying "Hell yea".  So the Castrol team bundled us up on a flight and off we were. The plan was to spend the weekend at the track just nerding out on everything Moto.

We got into Malaysia on Friday morning so we had ample get our bearings, eat some of the brilliant food, check out the sights, get a taste of the local swill and even get enough shut eye before we headed out to the track on Saturday.

I really enjoy the hanging out at the track on qualifying days as you can really explore the space and get to hang out at different spots at the grandstand. Specially at Sepang where the back straight and the starting grid are almost back to back so you can essentially see the starting grid watch the bikes go into T1 walk across towards the back straight and watch the bikes from T8 all the way down the straight to T15.

As a treat the Castrol team got us behind the scenes in the Castrol Honda LCR garage just as Cal Crutchlow was going out for his qualifying run. Castrol had yet another ace up there sleeve later in the evening as we got to spend some time with Cal during dinner.

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