Sunday, March 23, 2014

Motorcycle Travellers Meet partners with Helmet Stories to Share, Inspire & Explore

After spending some time talking with the people behind MTM and listening to their great ideas and plans to inspire motorcycle travel and adventure in India. We are happy to announce on our 900th blog post that Helmet Stories and MTM have decided to partner together to push it to another level. 

Motorcycle Travellers Meet is a get-together of like-minded serious motorcycle travellers and adventure motorcyclists. The meet is geared for travellers who belong on the motorcycle, who venture out to explore the boundaries of adventure and travel. It’s a meet to share experiences, tips and inspire the spirit of travel and adventure.

MTM Vision

Share, inspire and explore. Stories and journeys of travellers who have crossed the boundaries of comfort and the known have always inspired us. Being among such travellers and achievers is valuable to realize our dormant dreams of the road.  With utmost joy we revel in the company of such travellers and give ourselves hope to the dreams of getting out there into the unknown. In ways, search for our own freedom.

MTM India is an effort to bring together all such stories, journeys and inspiration.  To connect with travellers who have had the courage to “start”, to take that first step towards exploration and get out there following their compass.

Our vision is to connect travellers, global communities and organisations that believe in this common goal.

The meet is organized in association with Horizons Unlimited and The Ted Simon Foundation. We have partnered/allied with many organisations and hope to make more connections as we grow..

We would like to inspire and connect travellers through experiments and programs that we have planned for the future. It is the ultimate aim for MTM to see more Indian travellers cross boundaries and create more meaningful experiences and inspiration through their travels

MTM is organizing a three-day meet at a camp site 60kms outside Bangalore on the 11-13th April that will host world travellers who will share their journeys and carefully-designed workshops that enable skills for long distance journeys. Sadly both Harsh and I will not be able to attend this meet in April (We will be in separate parts of the Himalayas) but we shall definitely start planning for the next. Maybe we will bring along the BBQ and whip up a batch of Chritzo. 

Check out the MTM website and the facebook page for more details on MTM and the meet in April.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Running in the Continental GT

I have been spending every free moment in Chandigarh on the bike running in the engine. Now that ordeal of registering the bike is over its time to plan a ride out for lunch to the mountains to Modern Dhaba for their brilliant Mutton Curry.