Wednesday, November 23, 2016

No Honour Among Thieves...

If you are going to live on the internet its bound to happen people are going to steal your shit and call it their own. We at Helmet Stories get messages and links all the time from friends and family all over the world pointing out people using our pictures without permission, credit or a cheque. We try and pursue it specially if it is someone using it for their profit or promoting something that will profit their company. But mostly we laugh it off when we come across a website that is promising to take people on a "ride" using our content to places they have obviously never been or heard of.

No never!!! We hate watermarks it ruins an image.

But what happens when a well travelled "large" Internationally based motorcycle tourning company decides to use one of our images (in like a tiny idiotic form that makes it look like shit) to promote their rides in India. Do you go to war do you call your lawyer or do you fall to their level and become and ass.

I choose falling to lower than their level and being an total ass so hence this rant. So here is the post that someone in Vintage Rides decided was a good idea to put up. (notice the stamp sized image) and below that their sad excuse of an excuse.

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