Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mother of the bride

The mother of the bride couldn't resist and took the Desert Storm into the fields and then disappeared down the road.


Not to be outdone the groom took the bike for a spin.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Himachal Ride, finis! Cheers

And fini

Home and an end to a great week in the moutains. Time for a drink

Just outside Kiratpur

Our second stop for the day and its been a painful ride in the dark. Must have overtaken 250 trucks. 75 kms to go but the road gets better now.


First stop after Manali is just outside Bilaspur for chai. About 3 more hours I am guessing.

Vir, the original swinger

Give up

After 4 hours of tinkering with the bike and the electrical's we have given up and have called for reinforcements (we have one extra fuse left on each bike). A bike is on its way from Manali and this one will be shipped to the dealer who will find the short and fix it. But it will be a long ride today.


Vir, er, 'storms' back with a new battery

'Cos you never know...

Not so Storming?

Dead battery at 804 km on the odo. High price for loyalty, especially where helmetstories tread...

Not a bad place to have a breakdown!


Waiting on a new battery(since the one in the desert storm is dead) we made a new friend now he is sitting guarding the bike.

Battery woes

Good morning Raison!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


And we have reached Raju's for the night a hot filter coffee around the fire. Ahhh the hard life.


Little Big Noel crosses over

Manglore for lunch

The beas river

Picture stop

The Noels at Jhatingri

Day 5, Good morning from Barot

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

River crossing, Barot

Barot, KK Negi Homestay


So we have reached Barot what we shall call home for the evening. What an awesome ride here.

Road works

Road to Barot


Vir ate 3 helping of rajma, kadhi, chawal!

Shall I sue you Royal Enfield?

What a view...

Himachal Ride

And we are off...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nanook from the North? Nah it's Noel

Snowy peaks

If you look hard enough you can see the snow on the peaks behind the bike. I wonder if we will wake up tomorrow to our bikes covered in snow?

Quick ride

Took off for a quick ride around Mcleodgang before it got dark. The bikes and us have had a very chilled out day. Tomorrow we hit the road after breakfast come hail or snow.

A Time to Eat, Himachali thali

Signs 4, Paranoia

Mcleodganj bylanes

Signs 3, but can we change?

Signs 2

Corny, but nice