Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Urban Weekend Warrior | Go Getter

In 2013 when Royal Enfield launched the Continental GT Harsh was one of the lucky few to attend the awesome launch event in the UK which you can read about here. I on the other hand was on one of our maiden Pangi rides during the time.

So when it came to the launch in India which was to be held in Goa there were no way I was going to miss it. I secured a place on the ride and we flew to Goa to ride the new cafe racer from Royal Enfield. The weekend was a brilliant showcase of the motorcycle we rode many hours and met many of the people who designed worked and brought this motorcycle to life. So much fun the motorcycle was that Dad booked the first one in Chandigarh while I was still at the launch. (I still have it. Just needs a new battery and some spit and polish to get up and running)

Today the GT has been discontinued from the line up in India. Maybe its just to pave the way for the new 650 platform. (there is a GT varient that is coming as well). But here is remembering the New old Continental GT. I wrote about it in the January 2014 edition of Go Getter (Page 102) 

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