Monday, July 17, 2017

Life on the road

Its been a year since my Ducati Globetrotter trip and I was reliving the journey on my Instagram Stories but there were a few posts I have been wanting to put up on the blog so here is the first exactly how it was posted last year. 

In the small Nickel mining town of Los deep inside the forests of Sweden the plug in the back tyre came loose and I started loosing air from it. I stopped at what looked like a workshop and met the owner Axel who said he could help. He had a pump with which we filled the tyre and he patched it up for me (probably doing a far better job than I would have).
When it came time for payment he didn’t have change in cash so I said “let me go fill some petrol and will come back with change”. He looked at me and says it automatic and takes only card. Here is the largest problem I have had so far in Scandenavia – my cards have not been working and if they are my bank is charging me in Euros instead of Swedish Crowns (a different challenge to sort out back when I am in India). So I said Axel “why don’t you use your card so I can fuel up and then we won’t need change”. He thought about it and said “it’s unusual be we can try”. That’s what we did.
While fuelling up I found out it was his Birthday and his son is building a 300hp drag bike and he rode motorcycles in the past but is so busy with work that he doesn’t have time anymore.
It’s true when people say if you travel with a motorcycle you are never short of friends…
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