Friday, July 14, 2017

Cruising Legends by Castrol Power 1 and The Vibe

If you follow me on Instagram and or on other social media you will know after I came back from the GoPro games in Vail and the ride around the US I left immediately for Sikkim. The trip to Sikkim wasn't an official Helmet Stories ride. We were to be filmed for a web series for Castrol by The Vibe (Incidentally this is where I met the guys who did the Send it Upwards film we posted a few weeks back).

Because of Harsh's hand still being not fully functional (oh you didn't know? So we were exploring some new trails behind Chandigarh. At a stand still Harsh slipped in the mud and jumped back on his feet but that is all it took. He has come away with a plate, a handful of Titanium screws and a nifty scar from his wrist up his forearm. It was just one of those things he was in full kit but he landed on his arm and that was that) he had to cancel after his doctor had to ask him nicely to keep his ass put. So it was just me who eventually got on that plane to Sikkim.

So the idea behind this series is that Castrol wanted to show case what powers motorcyclists who head out yonder looking for adventure. They call the series Cruising Legends (Legends love it. When I hear the word it Evokes an image of William Wallace yelling Freedom). Anyway I spent a few days riding around through thick forests and brilliant mountain tops covered in clouds having a great time the more it rained the less they could shoot and that more I could ride. It was perfect. The only bit that was painful was that I barely got to take out my camera and get some shots out. What a role reversal it was.

Take a look at the trailer and also the first episode that came out today. I think my episode will come out sometime in August I shall keep you posted.