Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Send it Upwards : Trailer

While on shoot in Sikkim with Castrol and The Vibe. I met this crew and they began to tell me a story of how 4 of them decided to make a film on their journey to Ladakh. They didnt realise how tough it would be for the four of them. All who had very different riding history. One of them had never really spent much time on an Enfield let alone travel across the country on one.

The trailer to their film is out and I cant wait to see the completed project. (I love how the trailer starts (I got a bit more back info on it from the crew and it makes even more sense. Ill not let the cat out of the bag for that we have to wait for the film.)

On a sidenote. No one says anymore how tough it is to do this journey everyone talks about how awesome it is and how we all must do it once in our lives and if you own a motorcycle and haven't been to Leh you have really not done much.

Of course the roads and infrastructure are far better and that makes it much easier than it was 10 years back but that doesn't make the trip any easier. Today people look at Google Maps and decided "oh Manali Leh is not far I can do it in a day." Maybe you can maybe you cant that all depends on your skill level as a motorcyclist and anyway why the hell would you want to blaze through some of the most stunning parts of the world when you can take your time and take it all in. Its not like you will get to do this trip again and again.

I get emails and messages on a daily basis with ridiculous plans on riding up to Leh. People who have bought their bike a month ago people who are waiting to get their bike next week. All of them have duff information on how long it will take how hard it will be and how easy the trip really is. Ladakh is not going anywhere people these mountains were here long before us and will be here long after we have all gone. So dont rush up as soon as you get a motorcycle. Ride learn grow your skill before you tackle such a gargantuan trip trust me you will appreciate it more.

So I like and support crews who create content and tell the story as it is and dont hide the tough times and the trials and tribulations we all have to go through to do this journey.