Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Newbolds Motorcycle Shop - Denver

If you read Sideburn Magazine maybe the name Travis Newbold will ring a bell. (yes he is one of the poets for the magazine). But when he is not penning down verse or wrenching away in his shop in Denver he is a mad man on two wheels. Now dont get me wrong there are mad men who ride on the streets like dicks(you know who you are) and then there are Mad Men who make riding an art on any surface. He is latter. (check the video at the end of the post of him owning Pikes Peak last year on the Ronin).

Well the Helmet Stories team met him when he was one of the few who joined us last year on the Sideburn Helmet Stories Pangi Ride. Needless to say that was an epic trip and we all had a blast.

So when I was on my ride to the GoPro Mountain Games and was in the vicinity of Denver I had to make the trip to the shop and hang with Baja and Travis. It just happened I had my camera handy so I got a few shots of the shop while he was wrenching away and chatting about his ride up Pikes Peak this year.

So here is a peak into Newbolds Motorcycle Shop in Denver no they dont serve coffee!!!!