Friday, January 20, 2017

Transporter needed

The voice at the end of the phone says "Vir do you know anyone who would like to ride the Enduro down from Delhi to Pune. Someone who has spent some time on the bike and someone who will be comfortable riding it. I can't think of anyone do you have any idea" Me "errrrrm" The voice "Just messing with you man what you doing over the weekend" Me "nothing much just hanging around waiting for some projects to start" the voice "so do you want to ride?" Me "I am on my way to the airport tank the bike up".
That's exactly the way it happened. 

Here I am standing beside the motorcycle(well not that very motorcycle but the model) that took me half across Europe and I last saw and rode into the Ducati showroom in Moscow. Once more we shall embark on a journey across a country this time the only difference being it shall not be some faraway land but across our own. Hey I ain't complaining I am just itching to ride. 

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