Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Onwards to Gwalior

I left Delhi and made my way towards Agra via the famed Yamuna Express Highway. There is nothing much to say about this stretch other than the road is brilliant and more or less empty and you can travel at a good nick other than that it's terribly straight and boring all the way to Agra. I mapped a good way through the city so it was pretty easy crossing the city

49 odd kms out of Gwalior Shekhoo was waiting for me. He instantly got off the highway and took us down some back roads and paths showing me some fabulous spots from old heritage building to a never ending ravine (he says it's one of the longest in the world) and then to a temple complex where they have excavated and restored over 100 small temples and are still finding more in the hills.

A few hours in Madhya Pradesh and I am floored. 

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