Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Royal Enfield Himalayan

In February 2016 Royal Enfield boss man Sid Lal officially revealed to the world the very top secret but not so secret Royal Enfield Himalayan. After the reveal in Delhi where we never got to ride the bike the company invited us to take a trip into the mountains around Shimla and play with the motorcycles on trails and back roads of the very same Himalayas the bike was inspired from. The weather decided to add a twist to the ride and we spent the weekend riding through the rain and snow what a fun weekend it was. (see the post from then).

No surprise we were the first in line to get our selfs two Himalayans added to our Helmet Stories fleet. We got delivery of both bikes and then spent the summer riding them around through some of our favourite playgrounds. Harsh spent some time in the summer by the lakes of Ladakh and then we both rode them later in the season through Spiti and finally into Pangi. It was in Pangi the bikes really stood out and you could see what the Royal Enfield did in the five odd years of development. The bikes were totally at home, comfortable, reliable and never skipping a beat on the crazy roads in Pangi.

Since September we have been hatching new plans and mapping new routes and should soon be back on our Himalayans in 2017 doing what we do best - trying to get lost.

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