Thursday, December 22, 2016

Riding the Deserts of Dubai

In May the whole family flew out to Dubai for 4 days to celebrate dads birthday. It was a jam packed schedule but I was hell bent in getting some time out to go riding in the desert with Ikram Durani

Ikram runs Motoventure a company that provides Dirtbike tours thorough the deserts of Dubai. But that is not all he has a fleet of Christini AWD motorcycles that he take you out into the desert with. Ikram is yet another awesome person/friend I have met via Instagram(what would we have done without Instagram). 

Luckily when I got in touch with Ikram to plan our ride out he said come out at 5 AM man the earlier we ride the better. That suited me just fine as there was no way in hell anyone the family would miss me so early in the morning. I got to Motoventures set up a bit outside the city and the bikes were ready and waiting for me. We didn't waste any time geared up and rode out. 

The next 3 hours were insane. The motorcycle is just fantastic the AWD system makes it so easy to ride over dunes through thick parts of the desert and just about anywhere you want to go. For the dirt track noob that I am the bike gave me the confidence to feel like I had been doing this for a very long time. Of course I ate the sand a few times too much confidence can do that to you. 

Ikram has designed the time on the bike very well. He takes you out into the easier stretches of the desert and puts your though some easy bits and then ups it according to the skill and experience you show on the bike. Which is awesome because like me if you are a noob then you learn to get a feel of the bike before he throws you into the crazy bits where the sand dunes are towering over you. 

If you have 3 hours to spare early morning even between a flight I highly recommend going down to Motoventure and get on those Christini AWD bikes and go for a blast. Its one of those motorcycling experiences that you have to do.

In 2017 Helmet Stories and Motoventure are planning something out so keep an eye open because the deserts are calling.

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