Friday, May 29, 2015

Helmet Stories ride to Spiti through the eyes of Kismet Jewell Nakai

To Quote Kismet "Strange isn’t it, how most of us are more than eager to hop on to a plane to some exotic place where the landscape is breath-taking, there are rivers gushing through the valleys, towns with a population of twenty and endless skies of blue….wait a second! Jump on to a plane to ANOTHER country? When we have all of that right here in India? Guilty, as charged. Luckily , there is always time to rectify that." So in May Kismet joined us on our ride to Spiti.

Kismet has done a brilliant post on her blog so we "borrowed" a handful of pictures to post on ours to show you the trip through her viewfinder.

You can find more of Kismets pictures here 

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