Monday, December 10, 2012

Where are you going now? Where will you be tomorrow?

The nice chaps at Tourism Authority of Thailand want Vir and me to promote their wonderful country as a motorcycling destination so we promptly said yes to this concluding ride of 2012.
We've been to Thailand before, shopped like crazy in Bangkok, lazed on many of sun drenched beaches on their many 'Kohs', gorged on street food fit for kings, partied till the wee hours at Khao San Street... But never before have we ridden motorcycles with any kind of purpose there.
What better then to go for a 1000-km ride over a week to catch a glimpse of the 'other' Thailand? For our first time we'll keep to Central Thailand looping around Bangkok in a wide circle. Once we get our motorcycling 'legs' in Thailand, perhaps we will do a tour in the North near Chiang Rai, something that has been on our to-do list for a while.
So come back, check the blog for our most excellent adventure in Thailand for tomorrow, it's a time to ride...