Friday, December 7, 2012

Coastal Route to Goa for India Bike Week

Photographs by HARSH MAN RAI

One of my favourite rides is the one from Mumbai to Goa hugging the coastline all the way down on little known backroads that unveil stunning vistas after vistas at each bend of the road. It's not a run-and-gun kind of ride, but one that is enjoyed best taken at leisure stopping often to marvel at gem-like beaches, stopping for a chai in the chiaroscuro of a causarina  grove or waiting patiently for one the five ferries that we have board on this route. The roads get better as we ride south, sometimes along the shore with crashing waves a scant few feet away, or on flat plateaus above with flashing glimpses of the sea and sand that are never too distant. This is a deeply satisfying ride that makes you sigh with contentment at the end of the day nursing a bottle of cold lager while waiting for some sumptuous local cuisine.
Helmet Stories will be travelling on this road on the way to India Bike Week next year. Interested in experiencing the Helmet Stories ridestyle? Write to us at for details