Thursday, March 1, 2018

Flat Track - Harley-Davidson

Its the norm these days to send out Save the Dates pre-invites but this one that I received about 20 days ago was the best one I have got for a while. Harsh and I have been talking about Flat track and how awesome it would be to have a few tracks in India where the lot of us can trash around and have a ball. I mean we have a load of friends in the UK (Sideburn and Co-Built) who do just that and have built up a great little community of mad flat tackers. 

We got a taste of Flat Track at IBW where we saw Vijay Rajputana take his custom built Harley around the oval just having a great time. We also got a peek of John Singh Speedway outside the Pink City and Vijay again hammering away on his flat tracker we had a go at the track but on much more modest and calmer machines (Sleet) and I can tell you I had a great time. 

I cant even begin to imagine doing that oval on a custom 750 and trying to go sideways. Going to need a whole set of new gear for this one because like Sideburn says IF YOU DONT LIMP YOU AINT SHIT.

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