Thursday, February 8, 2018

Challenge Accepted

My WhatsApp starts pinging like mad. I check instantly because I am stuck to the phone surfing Instagram all the bloody time these days.

Other Person :"Vir What are you doing between the 1st - 3rd Feb"

Me: "Nothing" 

Other Person : "Wanna ride a motorcycle?"

Me:"Do the wheels of a bus go round and round?"

Other Person : "HUH!!!"

Me: "Yes"

Other Person : "Ok then we want you to ride to the Harley Davidson 6th HOG Rally in Goa and well do your thing but only with your GoPros." 

Me: "Challenge Accepted"

Other Person (GoPro India): "Killer we cant wait. Someone will be in touch about the motorcycle."

So the idea was straight enough. Ride a new Harley Davidson 2018 Street Bob from Mumbai to Goa and have fun while doing so. Spend a few days with the HOG crew partying in Goa and go back home. 

This is what I got. Tell me what you think? Did we nail it or not?

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