Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Delhi Bikers Fest 2017

So for three years I have been trying to get my butt down to Delhi for this festival and for three years I have failed miserably. When I asked Josh last month about the dates he said "Whats the use you wont be able to make it anyway" I guess I deserved that because he was bang on I am going to miss it again.

What is the Delhi Bikers Fest you ask?

Delhi Bikers Fest – “Motorcycling at its Best!” is that incredible winter day when motorcycle
enthusiasts, clubs of Delhi NCR and neighboring cities, outdoor lovers and their families,
gather together for an engaging, adrenaline packed Sunday!

In its 4th edition, this family friendly (non-alcohol) festival will celebrate the culture of getting
out on road trips and pursuing unity in diversity. Whether you ride a scooter or a superbike
this fest is for you and your family!

DBF is a community centric festival initiated organically by various clubs and bikers and not
an event company’s idea. It provides a unique platform for Delhi’s budding custom bike
builders, vintage collectors and artists to showcase their genius.

Interactive games, competitions, seminars, documentary films, art and photo exhibitions, food
and merchandise stalls, live bands and much more ensures that it is a super memorable day
for young and old.

So what are you waiting for if you are in Delhi on the 17th of December go hang out.

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