Monday, October 2, 2017

Full Throttle Documentary

I got a call from an unknown number from Chennai. Usually calls from the city I attribute to telemarketers and other people asking me to pay some money so that some service I subscribe to will be disconnected if I don't. So I am not sure what made me pick up the call but I am glad I did.

The person on the other end told me a story of a Documentary he and some friends were making trying to showcase the two stroke culture that is being forgotten in the new age of motorcycling that has swept our country. But sadly they are lacking funds to get the full project off the ground.

In their own words

 "Full Throttle is a travel documentary film that will showcase the legacy of vintage motorcycles in India and the stories of passionate bikers who keep them running. Five filmmakers and bikers from Hyderabad set out on an exploration and what follows is a journey into the lives of bikers, custom builders, racers, mechanics and communities which are nothing short of a cult.

It's the question that goes round and round in circles. In clubs and paddocks around the world, proponents from both camps argue their corners passionately. But it’s the very spirit of these bikers that add a different dimension to these machines. When you settle in and kick start this weightless floating machine, it would give you a welcome bid with the roaring sound and the next thing you would remember is the wind gushing your adrenaline and the speed widening on your smile.
As bikers ourselves, we wanted to pay tribute to these wonderful machines and the people behind them. In fact, we always wonder what kind of two strokes we would have if modern technology were applied on them,...have you?? We have finally decided to make a short video, but the stories we came across have inspired us to go the extra mile. We are reaching out to you, the public, so that we could take this mesmerizing travel documentary into a whole new level.
We believe two strokes and their riders are strictly unrepresented in this profit oriented world. It takes more than money to ride these motorcycles. With the help and support of all bike enthusiasts and movie lovers, we could feature a full length documentary film and pay proper tribute to these legends.

They are looking at raising money to complete it the film and get to tell as many stories as they can. So take a look at their video and if you like what you see drink a few less beers this weekend and help em out.

Do donate click here for their Ketto page

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