Monday, June 20, 2016

Ducati Globetrotter 90: What a ride...

Its been a crazy last two weeks. The first email I got from Ducati I was in Manali. Harsh and I were on our way back from Ladakh on the Tigers. I had just opened a beer at Ride Inn and I found the email in my junk mail!!! It was exciting enough to have received an email we popped a couple of beers to celebrate and the had a great evening with Snehal and Godwin (we must have a chat about the mutton we ate that night at a later stage). The next morning there was another email that I answered and then forgot about. We took a few days to get back to the plains into Chandigarh and then to the oven that is Delhi and finally I made my way back to Mumbai and totally forgotten about the Globetrotter90 ride. 

On the night of the 7th I got an email saying you made it you need to be in Italy in seven days. I couldn't F!@#$%^ believe it I jumped around for a bit and then couldn't F!@#$%^ believe I was not going to make it. How the hell was I supposed to get a visa in 3 working days and be halfway across the world? Two letters from Ducati, lots of good wishes and the brilliant Italian Embassy got me a visa in less than 12 hours. Visa in hand it was time to fly. 

So I made it for the Bootcamp and it was a one of those experiences that is going to be very hard to forget anytime soon. All the 13 other participants are awesome people from around the world and I can totally imagine the team at Ducati huddled over a table after many coffees tearing out their hair not knowing whom to choose. (I have an idea if anyone is listening. Send out two bikes one red and one white with two riders. Problem solved and imagine the images and the stories). The experience has been awesome so far and whatever happens here onwards is just going to be the cherry on the top.  

Cheers and good luck to all 14 of us. Till we ride again 


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