Monday, April 25, 2016

Garage 52 Open House

So Garage 52 is starting its 3rd year of operations. So to celebrate we decided to host an Open House last saturday (23rd April). We planned to put up some Art, Food, Motorcycles and have a few bands play a few sets basically have a nice evening at the garage.

What eventually went down was an insane night of pure madness there is no way to put into words.
Check out some of the images. 

A few thank you to the people who made it happen Rohan Mazumdar, The Mad Hatters (Zane and Jude) and Nikita Valerie & Niteesh Tokle for the brilliant music that provided. Prankur Rana, Rohan Joglekar (obsessivesketch) and Anything Metal Works for their excellent pieces of art they showcased. Mean Green Customs and Bombay Custom Works for bringing us some sweet custom motorcycles to showcase. Bira for getting us some of there brilliant beers and last but not least to everyone who came and made this evening phenomenal.

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