Monday, September 7, 2015

Helmet Stories Pangi Valley T-Shirt by Ryan Quickfall

We are less than a week away from the Helmet Stories ride to Pangi Valley so we thought we would get some T-Shirts printed for the occasion. We got in touch with master illustrator and artist Ryan Quickfall and he came up with a few options and this is what we finally choose. We thought of doing just a small print run for the riders on the Helmet Stories and Sideburn ride to Pangi but then thought it we would be nice to do an option for the rest of you guys.

So what we are doing is taking pre-orders of the T-Shirt (Each T-Shirt is Rs 750 its first come first serve). So that once we are back from the Pangi ride on the 18th of September we can start processing the orders and shipping them out to you guys asap.

Helmet Stories Pangi Valley
Helmet Stories Pangi Valley
Ryan came up with so many cool designs and ideas before we settled on this one that we may end up doing a whole line of Helmet Stories T-Shirts in the future. 

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