Friday, May 2, 2014

Introducing Garage 52 - The Motorcycle Collective

Garage 52 -The Motorcycle Collective. Home to jcMoto, Helmet Stories and Mario's Garage, we cater to all your motorcycle needs under one roof.

At Garage 52 you can come and rent a lift to work on your own motorcycles. The crew at Garage 52 will explain and show you skills like basic welding, electrical wiring and basic metal fabrication, so you can improve your motorcycle building/repairing skills in a fun, relaxed, conducive environment. If building and working on your bike is not your thing then come hang out with like minded motorcyclists, plan some rides to exotic locations or just come and hang out and have a cup of coffee. On the weekends Garage 52 is going to be a space for many other things like music, photography and art to start with.

The People Behind Garage 52
Mario has been born and raised in Bandra and some say he came into this world wielding a wrench in his hand. Mario’s father was one of Bombay most established Motorcycle mechanics, who ran Mumbai’s first Triumph and Lamberetta dealerships. And Mario and his brothers all followed in his footsteps. From working on the shop floor after school to having one of the most established workshops in Mumbai, Mario’s career as a motorcycle mechanic span over 35 years. He’s seen and fixed the insides of almost every single motorcycle on Indian soil, and his restorations on vintage and classic motorcycles is not short of perfect.

Helmet Stories an adventure travel company founded by motorcycle enthusiasts Harsh Man Rai and Vir Nakai. Vastly experienced travelers and motorcyclists who met while being filmed in Ladakh for "The Road Trip" a 10-part television serial on what compels different people to get on a motorcycle and ride off into the blue yonder. After spending many miles on the road together, we decided to focus our attention on motorcycle touring and adventure travel and thus Helmet Stories was born. The company provides premium guided motorcycle adventure tours in India characterized by premium-level accommodations and meals,impeccable Royal Enfield motorcycles-the bike de jour for adventure riding in India, a superior support team, and exciting "off-bike" activities designed to maximize riders' appreciation and enjoyment of the unique local culture in the areas in which we travel. Catch them at and

Joshua Crasto is an unusual hybrid of automotive journalist, bike and car road tester, airplane pilot, travel guide and motorcycle builder and go-to guy. He loves all things mechanical, and will take apart and rebuild anything that comes with a motor. His career has taken him down different paths, but the one thing that ties all those paths together is a set of wheels. He is a forerunner in an industry that has, for far too long, been shy of risk-taking. But he hopes to change that.

Rent a lift at Garage 52- 
So you have always wanted to work on your bike your self but you don't have all the tools or the knowledge to do so. No worries come to Garage 52 and rent a lift and tool bench compete with everything from a spanner to an allen key. If you need help with something give the crew a shout and they will come over and show you how to go about getting it done.

Rent a bike at Garage 52 - 
Need a bike for a friend so you guys can ride out for the weekend or need a scooter to potter around town. No problem. 

Store your Bike at Garage 52- 
Need a place to store your bike while you are away or don't have parking space outside your building? Well we do.

You can get in touch with Garage 52 on their Facebook page

This is just the beginning there will be more much more...