Monday, February 10, 2014

5 reasons why you should have come India BIke Week 2014

1. Ted Simon
The man needs no introduction. Ted Simon was there and we were lucky to have him ride with us for 3 days and regale us with his Ted-isms.

2. Jay Kannaiyan 
The Indian who quit his job,sold his house, packed up his stuff and spent 3 years riding down from Chicago to New Delhi via Latin America, Europe and Africa. Jay rode with us down the coastal route and put that Harley Davidson Super Low through its paces.

3. Scott Redding
Yea the youngest rider to win a Moto GP was there thanks to the guys at Castrol Power 1 (yea the same guys who sent us to Uttrakhand and later took us to Sepang for the Moto Gp)

4. 1912 Indian V Twin
This bike looked liked it had rolled out of the factory that day and started up in one kick and ran better than some of the new V Twins at IBW.
Photo Credit : Parrys (from )

5. This dude
This very opinionated, licence less, drunk, ladies scooter riding, Swiss carpenter who offered to build me a house after 9 years was the life of the party at the Howling Dog Bar.
Photo Credit : Aabhimanyu Mulchandani