Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interview: Joshua Crasto

Who are you? 
Writer, pilot, beer drinker, dog-petter, adventure whore… just another guy who (re)builds rusty remnants of motorcycles - to save them from eternal damnation

When did you first get interested in bikes? 
I grew up spending my summer vacations at my neighbour's workshop. It was a car shop but I was under hoods and had seen the insides of engines much before I learnt how to play board games. So it was more about engine than the type of vehicle. Of course motorcycles are easier to work with and more fun.

What was your first bike you ever owned?
A Yamaha RD350. Bought it even though it didn't run and pushed it all the way home. (That's the story for most of my purchases)

What is your favorite bike?
It's hard to say. I'm a big fan of the Meridien Triumphs. But of all the motorcycles I've ridden,  I've had the most fun on a KTM 640SMC. Bad-ass to the bone. It carved corners around some of the best handling litre-class bikes and chewed up dirt like it was a vacuum cleaner on steroids.

Whats the worst bike according to you?
I believe all motorcycles are built for a purpose and there's no such thing as a bad motorcycle. But that said have you ever seen the Morbidelli V8? Oh and I don't think they could ever make a Suzuki B-King look Sexy even if they put a naked Beyonce on it.

What bike would you like to see in India?
Any dual-sport or dirt bike that you can get off the showroom floor. Maybe a Honda XR650 or a KTM640. It will give Indians an all new perspective on riding a motorcycle fast.

Functionality vs bling?
Functionality for me. I like to have a motorcycle with an engine, two wheels and sometimes a little bit of brakes. Customers usually prefer Bling so I'm learning to adapt. 

What is your favorite road to ride on?
Road? Roads are for cars and cows and pedestrians. Old highway 6 in Cambodia from Siem Reap to Koh Ker. 140kms of thick red earth and land mines strewn by the sides of the road. So much fun, I've ridden that route about six times.
We can see why Joshua loves Old Highway 6 in Cambodia.
What was the first bike you chopped up?
My dad's 1969 Royal Enfield Bullet. It went from Scrambler to Cafer racer to the corner of the shop.

Who are your influences?
To name a few, Sideburn, WrenchMonkees, Co-built, Death Spray…But more than influences, the drive comes from turning a block of metal  into something you can use. And to know that there's so many people out there doing exactly the same thing, yet you've to be different and unique

Do you work alone?
Yes. I do have a bunch of machinist and painters that I out-source to. Although if I had it my way, I'd like to learn their trade skills too

What are you riding now?
A little modded Honda 125 Twin that's my daily commute, but I've just got myself an RZ350 to add some excitement on the longer trips into the city. 

What are you working on now?
A 1979 HondaCB400 and a 1986 GSX-R1100 that will both be reborn as Cafe Racers. And yet another Royal Enfield Bullet!!! (Why won't they stop making them)

What do you do when you are not working at the garage?
Rinse, Read, Ride, Wrench…Repeat. May not be in that particular order. Oh and drink beer.

How does one get in touch with you?
Email mail me at or just drop by the garage in Bandra
Or just check out his blog for his ramblings