Thursday, July 7, 2011

Project Badger

What happens when the Island of Misfit Toys, meets Biker Build Off, and goes racing? Can a rag-tag confederation of enthusiasts build a great street legal, race bike? With a limited budget and meager resources? But rather, make the attempt by applying American ingenuity, elbow grease, and enthusiasm to a humble, antiquated, British designed, Indian made workhorse. We don’t know either.
We want to make a film that documents the journey and story of “The Badger”. This film will chronicle the building of a no frills cafe “racer” that will be driven to the track, actually raced and then ridden home.
The Badger is Royal Enfield "Bullet" based, with a 500cc “iron barrel” engine. Built in a rat cafe style, and built to be both road and vintage race legal. Kitted for a license plate, and a number plate. Hi quality, lowbrow. Ride it to the track, flog it in the heat of battle and ride it home. Possible in this day and age?
We want to find out!
The film features: Leon Stanley, who runs a great vintage and specialty bike shop in Trenton, New Jersey, called Cycle Icons. "Chumma" Janardhan of Ace Engineering, an engine building virtuoso. Art Director and jack of all trades Mark Rounds. And newly drafted Badger Race Pilot, Stu Carter.
This film follows the journey from the shop, to road, to track, and back.

We have two of these same bikes in our Helmet Stories garage and would love to see this project take off. Yes we are pledging as well as asking all of you out there to help however you can after all there are only 16 days left.