Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Proud War Record a new book by Gordon May

At the end of WWII, Royal Enfield produced a beautifully bound 44 page book about its work during the conflict. The book was designed to show the strength and diversity of the company, promote sales of its new peacetime products and encourage investors to buy shares in the Redditch-based manufacturer.

A Proud War Record shows motorcycle production and the deployment of these machines amongst the wartime services. It also highlights other products the company made, including bicycles, oil motors, generator sets, two-pounder armour piercing shells, anti-aircraft gun predictors, gyroscopic sights, air cooled diesel engines and fire control instruments.

Finally, there are views of the four Royal Enfield factories, the work force, production and an outline of post war developments, including the new motorcycle range. 

Gordon May, Ladakh 2009. Photo Harsh Man Rai
Gordon has made in to a sweet book which you can order from his website or check out the PDF available thanks to