Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boy racers

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed when riding and you overtake one of those Boy racers (on their Pulsars, RTS's, Hunks etc with a girl clutching on for dear life as a pillion) on your Enfield (which is louder than most) it is like you have challenged him to a death race. Instantly you hear that he has dropped a gear and clutching the bike and is trying to get by you however he can regardless to his or his bombshells safety.

This happened to me two nights ago when I overtook a guy on an RTR he obviously took it to heart and went nuts trying to overtake me. I was not slow mind you but was not fast either. He would overtake me and then get stuck in traffic. At one traffic light I pulled up and parked next to him he and his "chick" gave me the stare while he revved his engine (Whack job) and took off with his bike screaming. After overtaking him again because he got him stuck in traffic, he pulled his most death defying move ever. He dropped a gear and decided to overtake a bus pulling up to a stop avoiding people standing on the road and a tree in his way. With his "chick" looking back laughing. Weird !!!

Whatever these guys were on they need to share...